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Traitor. (RP with Burritodog W/ Zac)

Zac chuckled darkly as he stared off into the sky, his black tipped hair being blown in the wind as he stood atop the RED Base, his gaze landing on the BLU base. The other must have thought himself smart, sneaky, devious. Zac messed with his bandages, his icy gaze never leaving the base.

"As if no one would notice. Silly little Scout…" he whispered into the wind, grabbing his black hat and putting it back on, a glow of sick amusement coming to his eyes.

"Poor little traitor. Wonder what the team would do if they found out?" he gave another chuckle, jumping off of the roof and landing softly onto the ground bellow.

"I wonder what he would do to keep it a secret?~" a devious grin came to the pale face of the brutal, his expression almost demonic.

"This should be fun~" Zac decided to wait and see if the Scout came out of the BLU base, then he could catch him in the act. Zac could hardly contain himself, he loved this sort of thing.

Posted: Fri April 19th, 2013 at 4:52pm
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